• Probabilistic Methods in Geometry and Analysis (ICERM).

  • Harmonic Analysis Methods in Geometric Tomography (ICERM).

  • Quantitative Geometry of Transportation Metrics (AMS-SMF-EMS Joint International Meeting).

  • Phenomena in High Dimension (Institut Henri Poincaré): Renormalization groups, transport maps, and multiscale Bakry-Émery criteria. Slides.

  • Workshop on Stochastic Mass Transports (BIRS): Transportation along Langevin semigroups. Slides. Video.

  • Calculus of Variations in Probability and Geometry (IPAM-virtual): The Brownian transport map. Slides. Video.


  • Probability seminar (NUS-virtual).

  • Geometric Analysis seminar (MIT).

  • MIT-Harvard-MSR Combinatorics Seminar: Extremal structures of log-concave sequences via convex geometry. Slides.

  • Minisymposium on discrete geometry (CanaDAM-virtual).

  • Analysis seminar (University of Missouri-virtual).

  • Current trends in Convex Geometry (virtual).


  • Probability seminar (UIUC-virtual).

  • Online Asymptotic Geometric Analysis Seminar: The extremal structures of the Alexandrov-Fenchel inequality. Slides.

  • Workshop on Geometric Tomography (BIRS).


  • High-Dimensional seminar (Georgia Tech).

  • Analysis seminar (Georgia Tech).

  • Probability and Mathematical Physics seminar (Courant, NYU): Quantum graphs, convex bodies, and a century-old problem of Minkowski. Slides.

  • Session on Probabilistic Methods in Geometric Functional Analysis and Convexity (Canadian Mathematical Society Summer Meeting).

  • Workshop on Symmetry and Convexity in Geometric Inequalities (AiM).

  • Measure Theory seminar (Kent State University).

  • Machine Learning and Optimization group meeting (Microsoft Research Redmond) .


  • Workshop on Convex Geometry and its Applications (MFO, Oberwolfach).


  • Program on Geometric Functional Analysis with Applications (MSRI).